• High Luxury
    12 Guests
    6 Cabins
    46 m (150 ft)


    125.000/ Weekly


    136.000/ Weekly

  • High Luxury
    12 Guests
    6 Cabins
    43.53 m (142 ft)


    85.000/ Weekly


    91.000/ Weekly

  • Luxury
    12 Guests
    6 Cabins
    37.3 m (122 ft)


    62.000/ Weekly


    67.000/ Weekly

  • Luxury
    10 Guests
    5 Cabins
    31 m (101 ft)


    29.000/ Weekly


    34.000/ Weekly

  • Premium
    8 Guests
    4 Cabins
    29.8 m (97 ft)

    Smart Spirit

    19.000/ Weekly


    28.000/ Weekly

  • High Luxury
    36 Guests
    18 Cabins
    51.07 m (167 ft)


    72.000/ Weekly


    100.000/ Weekly

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I chartered a yacht with Medgulets this summer and had the most AMAZING experience working with them. It was my first time doing so, and they made the entire process easy and seamless, guiding me through every step, providing meticulous details, and remaining highly responsive throughout the planning phase.

April Lopez

August 2023

MedGulets was incredibly helpful in facilitating a fantastic holiday experience for our group in Turkey. Medgulets Assist assisted us in selecting the most suitable yacht for our 12-person group, and Mr. Can was effective in attending to intricate details to ensure our journey was exceptional. The captain and crew were exceptional, and the chef truly impressed us. We'd like to extend our thanks for their patience and understanding.

Jennifer O'Donnell

August 2023

After my trip, I wanted to leave a review right away. The Turkish sea is beautiful and I think everyone should visit it! We wanted to spend the summer with our friends chartering a yacht and after some searching, we decided to trust the team at Medgulets, and it was definitely worth it.

Ricardo Buenrostro

July 2023

Tips for an Unforgettable Motor Boat Experience in Split

To maximize the enjoyment of your motor boat rental Split, keep these tips in mind:

  • Strategic Planning: Identify the must-see locations and hidden spots for a well-rounded exploration. Consider a visit to Dubrovnik with a motor boat charter Dubrovnik for a blend of culture and seaside splendor.
  • Safety Protocols: Familiarize yourself with the boat's safety measures and adhere to maritime laws to ensure a worry-free voyage.
  • Essential Packing: Bring along sun protection, comfortable attire, and gear for any water-based activities. Evenings on the water can be cool, so a jacket is recommended.
  • Memorable Moments: Capture the beauty of the Dalmatian coast with your camera, but also take the time to soak in the experiences that will become lasting memories.

With these tips and the right Hvar motor yacht, your time in the Adriatic is sure to be an extraordinary adventure filled with breathtaking sights and personal freedom. Don't forget the added luxury and expertise that comes with a crewed motor yacht charter Croatia, ensuring your journey is as seamless as the tranquil waters you'll traverse. And for those looking to extend their seafaring escapades, consider the comprehensive services of a Croatia motor yacht charter to discover even more of what the Croatian coastline has to offer.

Seize the Splendor of Split with a Motor Boat Rental

Opting to rent motor boat Split is the first step in a bespoke sea voyage that offers both freedom and luxury. Glide across the Adriatic's crystal waters at your own pace, discovering secluded coves and sun-drenched shores. Privacy is paramount; aboard your chosen vessel, the bustling coastline transforms into a personal retreat where the rhythm of the waves sets the tempo for relaxation or adventure.

With motor boat rental Split, you're at the helm of your holiday, crafting an itinerary that can include everything from the historic grandeur of motor boat charter Dubrovnik to the chic sophistication of an Hvar motor yacht experience. And for those who seek effortless sailing, a crewed motor yacht charter Croatia ensures a journey as smooth as the glassy sea, curated by those who know these waters best.

In Split, every turn offers a new horizon, and with a Croatia motor yacht charter, that horizon is limitless.

Gateway to Dalmatia: Split's Air Connectivity

Split is primarily served by Split Airport (SPU), also known as Resnik Airport, situated 19 km (12 mi) from the city. As the second busiest airport in Croatia, it offers a wide array of seasonal flights to major European destinations. The airport is easily accessible from Split via public buses, with the line no. 37 providing direct service. Additionally, a catamaran service operates between the airport and Split harbor during peak tourist season. For those traveling by car, rental services are readily available at the airport. With the recent expansion in 2019, Split Airport is well-equipped to handle the influx of tourists, especially during the summer months, ensuring a smooth gateway to the Adriatic's charms.