• Luxury
    10 Guests
    4 Cabins
    24 m (78 ft)

    My Mio Amore

  • Luxury
    7 Guests
    4 Cabins
    26.14 m (85 ft)


    73.000/ Weekly MAY 4
  • Luxury
    8 Guests
    4 Cabins
    25.7 m (84 ft)


    55.000/ Weekly APRIL 6

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I chartered a yacht with Medgulets this summer and had the most AMAZING experience working with them. It was my first time doing so, and they made the entire process easy and seamless, guiding me through every step, providing meticulous details, and remaining highly responsive throughout the planning phase.

April Lopez

August 2023

MedGulets was incredibly helpful in facilitating a fantastic holiday experience for our group in Turkey. Medgulets Assist assisted us in selecting the most suitable yacht for our 12-person group, and Mr. Can was effective in attending to intricate details to ensure our journey was exceptional. The captain and crew were exceptional, and the chef truly impressed us. We'd like to extend our thanks for their patience and understanding.

Jennifer O'Donnell

August 2023

After my trip, I wanted to leave a review right away. The Turkish sea is beautiful and I think everyone should visit it! We wanted to spend the summer with our friends chartering a yacht and after some searching, we decided to trust the team at Medgulets, and it was definitely worth it.

Ricardo Buenrostro

July 2023

Experience the Splendor of the Turkish Riviera with a Motor Yacht Charter

The Turkish Riviera, with its stunning coastline and crystal-clear waters, is best experienced aboard a motor yacht rental Fethiye. Here's what you can look forward to:

  • Exclusive Access: Discover exclusive coves and pristine beaches away from the tourist trail.
  • Gourmet Delights: Savor the flavors of the Mediterranean with a personal chef preparing meals tailored to your taste.
  • Historical Explorations: Step ashore to explore ancient ruins and immerse yourself in the region's rich history, a short sail from the vibrant motoryacht charter Bodrum.

Seamless Sailing: The Advantages of a Private Motor Yacht Charter

A private motor yacht charter is synonymous with freedom, luxury, and privacy. Here are the key advantages:

  • Intimacy: Revel in the privacy of your own yacht, perfect for those special moments with loved ones.
  • Customization: Have the freedom to tailor every aspect of your trip, from the itinerary to the daily schedule.
  • Exclusivity: Enjoy the exclusivity that comes with a private yacht, ensuring a tranquil and personalized experience.

Navigating the Seas with Elegance and Style

When you charter a luxury motor yacht rental Marmaris, you're not just renting a boat; you're securing a passage to an exclusive maritime experience. The elegance of a motor yacht lies in its sleek design, allowing for swift movement through the water, making it perfect for those who value both style and speed. The interiors are often bespoke, featuring the finest materials and craftsmanship, ensuring that your journey is as comfortable as it is memorable.

A Symphony of Sea and Service

The true essence of a motor yacht charter in Marmaris is the harmonious blend of the sea's natural beauty with the exceptional service provided by the crew. Aboard your private vessel, every need is anticipated and catered to with precision. From the captain who knows the waters like the back of his hand to the chef who turns every meal into a culinary adventure, the crew's dedication is what transforms a simple voyage into a luxury experience.

The Ultimate in Privacy and Pleasure

Privacy is the ultimate luxury, and on a private motor yacht charter, it's the standard. Away from the prying eyes and crowded spaces, you are free to relax and unwind as you please. Whether it's sunbathing on the deck or enjoying a quiet evening under the stars, the sense of solitude and peace you find on a private yacht is unmatched. It's not just a holiday; it's a retreat from the ordinary, a sanctuary on the sea where every moment is yours and yours alone.

Conclusion: Setting Sail on a Dream

A motor yacht charter in Marmaris is more than a trip; it's a dream set on the high seas. It's about experiencing the pinnacle of maritime luxury and the freedom that comes with it. Whether you're looking to explore the Turkish Riviera, celebrate a special occasion, or simply escape the everyday, a luxury motor yacht offers an unrivaled experience that lingers long after you've returned to shore.

Gateway to Marmaris: Your Nearest Airport Options

Marmaris, a jewel of the Turkish Riviera, is accessible through two primary airports. Dalaman Airport, located approximately 90 kilometers to the east, is the closest, offering a range of domestic and international flights. A drive from Dalaman to Marmaris typically takes around 1.5 hours, with shuttle services, taxis, and car rentals readily available for a convenient transfer. Alternatively, Milas-Bodrum Airport is about 130 kilometers to the north, with a travel time of approximately 2.5 hours to Marmaris. Both airports provide the necessary amenities and transport services to ensure a smooth continuation of your journey to the heart of the Aegean coast.