• Luxury
    24 Guests
    12 Cabins
    53 m (173 ft)

    Halas 71

    135.000/ Weekly


    155.000/ Weekly

  • Premium
    25 Guests
    3 Cabins
    27 m (88 ft)

    DenDen 1

  • Premium
    12 Guests
    21 m (68 ft)

    DenDen 5

  • Premium
    20 Guests
    19 m (62 ft)

    DenDen 7

  • Premium
    25 Guests
    26 m (85 ft)

    DenDen 9

  • Luxury
    80 Guests
    32 m (104 ft)

    DenDen Mega

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I chartered a yacht with Medgulets this summer and had the most AMAZING experience working with them. It was my first time doing so, and they made the entire process easy and seamless, guiding me through every step, providing meticulous details, and remaining highly responsive throughout the planning phase.

April Lopez

August 2023

MedGulets was incredibly helpful in facilitating a fantastic holiday experience for our group in Turkey. Medgulets Assist assisted us in selecting the most suitable yacht for our 12-person group, and Mr. Can was effective in attending to intricate details to ensure our journey was exceptional. The captain and crew were exceptional, and the chef truly impressed us. We'd like to extend our thanks for their patience and understanding.

Jennifer O'Donnell

August 2023

After my trip, I wanted to leave a review right away. The Turkish sea is beautiful and I think everyone should visit it! We wanted to spend the summer with our friends chartering a yacht and after some searching, we decided to trust the team at Medgulets, and it was definitely worth it.

Ricardo Buenrostro

July 2023

Discover the Joys of Private Yacht Charter in Istanbul

Embarking on a private yacht charter in Istanbul opens up a world of luxurious adventure. This unique experience offers unmatched flexibility, allowing you to design an itinerary that caters to your interests. Whether you’re drawn to historic sites or hidden coves, your private Istanbul cruise will be tailor-made just for you. Moreover, the intimate setting of a private yacht is perfect for creating lasting memories with loved ones, surrounded by unparalleled comfort and elegance.

Exploring Your Yacht Rental Options in Istanbul

Istanbul boasts a wide array of private yacht rental options to suit every traveler’s needs. From affordable vessels to high-end luxury yachts, the choices are plentiful. Yacht charter services offer comprehensive packages that include gourmet meals, exciting excursions, and fun activities, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience from start to finish.

Enhancing Your Istanbul Yacht Adventure

To make your Istanbul yacht charter truly unforgettable, consider these tips:

  • Visit Diverse Destinations: While Istanbul serves as a magnificent starting point, don’t miss out on nearby gems. Take a private yacht to the serene Princes' Islands or enjoy a luxury yacht cruise through the historic Bosphorus Strait.

  • Engage in Water Activities: Yachts come equipped with various water sports gear. Dive into jet-skiing, snorkeling, or paddleboarding to keep the excitement alive during your journey.

  • Indulge in Culinary Delights: One of the highlights of a private yacht charter is the exquisite cuisine. Savor freshly prepared seafood and local Turkish dishes, crafted by skilled onboard chefs as you drift along the Bosphorus.

  • Anchor Under the Stars: Experience the serenity of anchoring in a secluded bay at night. The peaceful ambiance, coupled with the soothing sound of waves, creates a magical and unforgettable moment under the stars.

  • Explore More Turkish Rivieras: Extend your adventure beyond Istanbul. A sunset Bosphorus cruise by private yacht tour or a private Istanbul boat cruise offers diverse and enchanting sailing experiences along Turkey's stunning coastline.  For further exploration, consider visiting the charming coastal towns of Bodrum, Marmaris, and Fethiye. Bodrum yacht charters, Marmaris yacht charters, and Fethiye yacht charters provide fantastic opportunities for island hopping and discovering hidden bays.

  • Bosphorus Tour in Istanbul: Don’t miss the chance to embark on a Bosphorus tour in Istanbul, where you can marvel at the city’s iconic landmarks from the water.

  • Istanbul Dinner Cruise: Elevate your evening with an Istanbul dinner cruise. Enjoy a delicious meal while taking in the illuminated sights of Istanbul from your private yacht.

  • Prioritize Safety: Ensure your chosen yacht is equipped with all necessary safety gear. While relaxation and exploration are key, safety should always come first.

In essence, a private yacht charter in Istanbul combines relaxation, adventure, and luxury into one extraordinary experience. Whether you’re an experienced sailor or new to the yachting world, the enchanting Bosphorus and vibrant cityscape of Istanbul promise an unforgettable journey.

What Bosphorus Cruise Tour Should You Take in Istanbul?

Choosing the right Bosphorus cruise can enhance your Istanbul experience significantly. Here are some options to consider:

Private Bosphorus Tours

For a more personalized experience, opt for Private Bosphorus Tours. These allow you to customize your journey, offering privacy and exclusivity as you explore the Bosphorus.

Short Circle Bosphorus Cruise

A Short Circle Bosphorus Cruise is perfect if you have limited time. This tour covers key sights along the Bosphorus, providing a quick yet memorable glimpse of Istanbul’s waterfront.

Full Bosphorus Cruise

For a comprehensive exploration, choose a Full Bosphorus Cruise. This longer tour takes you from the heart of Istanbul to the Black Sea, showcasing the full length of the Bosphorus and its many attractions.

Easy Access: Airports Near Istanbul

Traveling to Istanbul is straightforward, thanks to its well-connected airports. Istanbul Airport on the European side and Sabiha Gökçen Airport on the Asian side both offer numerous domestic and international flights. With convenient transportation options like taxis, car rentals, and shuttle services, reaching the city center is a breeze. Start your unforgettable Istanbul yacht adventure with ease, no matter where you’re coming from.